Business Formation & Contracts

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 At Guest & Associates, our attorneys are knowledgeable about  corporations, partnerships, joint ventures, limited liability companies and limited partnerships, and can provide advice regarding the most effective business structure for the individual client's needs.  Our attorneys also have experience and expertise in the acquisition,  merger and divestiture of businesses, and in negotiating and preparing  general business contracts, employment agreements, non-competition  agreements, real estate transactions and severance agreements.  A few of  our many services include: 

  • Business Entity Formations
  • Business Litigation
  • Secured Transactions
  • New Contracts and Agreements
  • Contract Evaluation and Negotiation
  • Construction Mechanics Liens
  • Creation and Formation of Commercial Credit
  • Non-Profit Organizational Structuring
  • Real Estate Transactions and Contracts

Corporate Formation and Restructuring

Guest  & Associates lawyers offer advice on a full range of corporate  transactional and other matters, including corporate finance, corporate  governance and restructurings.  We handle the formation and  incorporation of new business entities, as well as advise corporations  on how to restructure.  We also assist non-profit corporations on  formation and other legal matters.

Contracts / Commercial Transactions / Credit Applications (in Texas)

We  have a broad-based experience in the negotiation, documentation and  enforcement of commercial transactions.  This practice includes the  acquisition and disposition of businesses, real estate and personal  property.  Our services include contract drafting, negotiation,  enforcement and litigation, along with secured transactions, title,  premises, and liens, as well as oil and gas.


At Guest & Associates, we represent collection agencies, forwarders, businesses, credit unions,  banks and financial institutions, law firms and attorneys, as well as  other commercial creditors in the collection of debts.  Our practice  includes protecting and enforcing creditor's rights and remedies.

Nonprofit Organizations

We  advise on a wide variety of nonprofit matters, beginning with issues of  corporate governance, responsibility, compliance, policies and  procedures, board committees (executive, governance, audit,  compensation), and employment.  Further, we advise and counsel in the  creation of joint ventures and for-profit and nonprofit subsidiaries and  any conflicts of interest, related and interested party transactions  and disclosure and transparency issues that arise from such ventures.   We are also able to form, organize and structure supporting  organizations to fit the current needs and future goals of the nonprofit  organization while ensuring compliance with applicable nonprofit laws.

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Guest & Associates - lawyers you can trust to handle business formations or contract negotiations
Guest & Associates - lawyers you can trust to handle business formations or contract negotiations